Helped an Army Vet get into his home safely

Assist: Army Veteran


Mr. Hill and his wife live above his mother-in-law as care takers. He currently has two broken ankles and slipped discs in his back. He underwent surgery on one ankle in November 2016. While waiting to heal before the next one he could have the second surgery, Mr. Hill was having difficulty getting in and out of his second-story apartment. The only way in was up 19 stairs that were not stable and definitely not to code. The only way he was able to get up and down was to sit on a step and lift himself up step by step to the top.


Hammers for Veterans worked with two of the New Hampshire Home Builders Association members to replace the stairs and railing bringing them up to code and added a landing to lessen the incline of the climb. The materials for the PT decking and railings were donated by Timberline Enterprises out of Newburyport, MA. and the installation of the stairs and landing were donated by Homescapes of New England in Epping, NH. The Veteran and his wife are very pleased with the upgrade to stairs and making them safer for him to make it up and down. All the expenses were donated by Timberline Enterprises and Homescapes of New England, LLC.

Donated Value: $2,167

Actual Cost: $0