Supporting our local veterans through Hammers for Veterans' 2019 Canoe Kit Raffle

Like an Otter in the water, this canoe is meant to be a play boat. This is a lightweight (35 lbs), easily portaged 11.8′ solo canoe that can be paddled with a traditional canoe paddle or with a kayak paddle.

The seat is attached to cleats that are epoxied to the inside of the hull. However, the bow and stern heights are such that you shouldn’t be pushed about by the wind. (Displacement is 340 lbs)

A larger paddler will find that it has plenty of capacity. One could even take their retriever or a small child and still feel very comfortable.

Be in the drawing for this beautiful Canoe Kit by Newfound Woodworks

Newfound Woodworks kits are engineered so that you can build this beautiful boat using mostly just hand tools. The Otter design was created for Newfound Woodworks by Hans Friedel of Sweden.

Included in this package is the Otter Canoe Kit, with Strongback and Canoe Pre-kit.
Total Retail Value is $2,000

To learn more about Newfound Woodworks or more about the design and craftmanship that go into these kits, check out their site at

Supporting our local veterans through Hammers for Veterans

The goal of this program is to support eligible New Hampshire veterans and their families by providing professional construction related services for those in need.

Fundraising takes place annually and is intended to help raise funds to assist in the purchase of materials and labor.