The Hammers for Veterans Program

The members of the New Hampshire Home Builders Association care about those who have sacrificed for us all. That is why we have established the Hammers for Veterans Program as the first developed project for the Builders Care NH Foundation.

New Hampshire veterans make up more than 10% of the state’s population. The number of veterans with disabilities is also growing.

Over one-third of service members who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from some form of mental health disability including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), many have traumatic brain injuries, and others return with significant physical disabilities.

If you would like to contribute to our cause, please CLICK HERE to use our secured donation page.

We appreciate any amount as these donation help us with purchasing materials for our projects.

The need for renovation of existing residences to accommodate their disabilities is great. A wheelchair ramp, a remodeled bathroom, or the widening of doors removes barriers that are in place and impact the quality of life for our veterans.

In addition, armed services personnel who are deployed overseas often leave spouses and families at home to fend for themselves. If repair work needs to be done at the existing residence there often is a lack of resources and expertise to accomplish it.

The following story is just one of many we expect to encounter as we move forward with this program. This is what drives us to help.

“There is a veteran living at the veteran’s home who needs help with a ramp to access his home in the community. The veteran, in a sweet love story, is unable to visit his wife and his home as it has no ramp. He would like to be able to “go home for dinner – or a movie night” occasionally instead of only visiting with her in the confines of the veterans home".

Thanks to NHHBA member, Jim Higgins of #GulfbrookRenovations for helping with Mr. Manzione’s new ramp that will make it easier for him to use his scooter. We thank Mr. Manzione for his service as a medic in WWII in Germany.

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